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Commercial agent care products Bike / Motorcycle / Car channel Hardware stores / Wholesalers Automotive


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Leading Spanish company in the Detailing sector (www.maddoxdetail.com) is looking for sales representatives or international distributors to implement the brand in physical points of sale in the European market. The objective of the representative or distributor will be to develop the brand's client portfolio and identify opportunities with clients in its geographic area. The salesperson or the international distributor is required to have knowledge of one or more of the following retail segments: detailers, garages, multi-brand dealerships, car wash centers and tunnels, and automobile accessories stores. It will be appreciated that the salesperson or distributor also knows wholesalers, automotive spare parts or vehicle fleet. 

Product Ranges and Products

Engineering:  Vehicles: Bicycle, motorcycle, bicycle equipment, spare parts, accessories, Vehicles: Motorized vehicles, motor vehicle equipment, Vehicles: Special vehicles, commercial vehicles, special-purpose vehicles

Miscellaneous:  Logistics, forwarding, hauling, transport, storage, Other specialties

Customers and Target Groups

Consumer market, End-consumer, Forwarders, haulers, transport, logistics, Other, Specialised retail trade, Wholesale

Sales Region