ID: 31850

Commercial free-lance Industrial Machinery. Robotized Projects.


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Company with a high level of technological competence seeks:
Freelance commercials working in the logistics, pharmaceutical, food and automotive sectors, for its expansion to Spanish level. 

Internal conveyors
Robotic automation of internal manufacturing processes. 
Design and manufacture of testing machines. 
AGV systems integration
Labelling systems, traceability 

Its functions would correspond to the prescription and initial data collection. Our pre-sale technical team will technically and economically analyze the project.

Projects from € 10,000 to € 1,000,000. Commission based on project margins between 2% and 6%.

Sortimente und Produkte

Construction:  Measuring & control devices, building automation

Engineering:  Automation engineering, Power transmission engineering, drive technology, Vehicles: Aeroplanes, aircraft, equipment, accessories, Vehicles: Bicycle, motorcycle, bicycle equipment, spare parts, accessories, Vehicles: Motorized vehicles, motor vehicle equipment, Vehicles: Special vehicles, commercial vehicles, special-purpose vehicles, Vehicles: Water vehicles, boats, equipment, accessories, Warehousing and storage technology

Foodstuffs, Wines, Liquors:  Baked goods, Canned foods, preserves, Confectionery, Dairy products, Delicatessen and fine foods, Fish, seafood, Frozen foods, Ingredients, raw materials, Meat, sausages, poultry, Natural foods, organic foods, health food store products, Staples, basic foods

Medical Products, Health Care:  Pharmaceuticals, pharmacy supplies

Miscellaneous:  Logistics, forwarding, hauling, transport, storage

Kundenkreise und Zielgruppen

Consumer market, Wholesale

Sales Region

All Spain