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Laborex BVBA



Laborex is active in the development, production and sales of industrial eco-friendly parts cleaning degreasers/detergents plus cleaning machines.


For over 50 years of experience in the research, development, production of industrial parts cleaning products, degreasers and detergents. We offer eco-friendly and efficient solutions for each cleaning problem.
The company is well-known for their reliability and quality. One of the references in their sector.
Own sales teams in Benelux and France. Key accounts who can support the Sales partners in training and on the job coaching
As an innovative manufacturer of industrial parts cleaning products we want to expand our business into new international markets. To realize this we are looking for sales partners who wants to expand their existing products portfolio or wants to start up a new business line.
We are active in Automotive, Railways, Metro, LRT & buses, Maritime, Revision general, Maintenance, Cosmetics, etc.
We offer:
For the customer a complete solution for his cleaning problem. Cleaning product and machine.
For the Sales partner a simple, proven distributor concept!

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