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In just a few clicks, put together a personal advertising banner to advertise at the site You can choose between two sizes.
In the next step, you can book your advertising banner wherever you wish on the available designated advertising spaces. Full-Size Banner (468 x 60 pixels)
Full-size banners can be found at at the top right every time.

Half-Size Banner (234 x 60 pixels)
Half-size banners can be found at on selected pages to the right in the information column.

Please upload the desired banner image here. If the banner format and the image size do not correspond, the image will be scaled accordingly.

Image Orientation
If text is to be placed next to the banner image, you can choose the position of the image here.

Link to the Website
Please enter the link to the website which should appear when the banner is clicked on. Make sure that you enter the complete address, starting with http://.

In addition to the image orientation, you can also define text options as shown below.

Banner Text
Font Size
Font Effects
Colour Scheme


Information Box

You have a choice of two banner formats (full-size banner and half-size banner). The prices for the banners are based on how long they run (how long they are booked):


Banner Preview:

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