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Estonian procurement company is looking for a commercial agent to interact with Scandinavian DIY retailers.


Toolsale helps DIY retailers to increase their profit margin by finding better buying prices for power tool brands and other products. Our purpose is to be the procurement partner for them, find the best prices from our wide range of wholesale network and make these offers available to all of our customers.

The main benefits for customers:

- Find products at a lower purchase cost than you pay now for resale items and grow the profit margin.
- We’ll save the time by finding the exact product what is needed, at the best possible price.
- Enjoy access to deals, discounts, and promotions from around Europe that you wouldn’t otherwise have access to.
- Improve the company’s liquidity by getting an extended payment deadline up to 120 days.
- And many more.

We have more than ten years of experience with around 3 mln annual turnovers in the wholesale sector by offering procurement services to European retailers.

With our wide supplier's network over Europe, it’s possible to offer comparative prices for different models and quantities. We will make regular promo offers and find out the best prices for the client’s inquiries. If the price is right for the customer, we’ll place the order and organize delivery to the customer warehouse.

Of course, Makita, Bosch, and other brands have their local branches, but the prices for the same model of power tools can vary between countries, and that’s why this business is possible. Retailers import these products for better buying prices.

All companies are not familiar with this price procurement activity, but many of them see the benefits to increase the profit margin by importing products for a better buying price.

Some examples of potential Scandinavian retail chains that have many outlet stores: K-Rauta, Interpares (Woody Bygghandel), Clas Ohlson, Byggmax, XL-BYG, Stark, etc. All small and medium-sized retailers are welcome also.

Requirements and job tasks for the sales representative:

- Finding new retail clients who are interested in getting comparative price offers.
- Explaining our procurement service benefits (higher profit margin, etc.)
- Continuous communication with existing customers
- Making price offers to customers.
- Collecting orders from existing customers
- Local language speaker
- Previous sales experience to retail chains

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