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Successful Cashmere French brand, with a fashion collection and very attractive prices is looking for agents in Scandinavia - DK, SE, NO, FI.


Our 100% cashmere fashion brand is targeting middle/high end shops.
Our customers are generally women 40/50 yrs old who like fashion and who will understand that it is a bargain to buy such 100% cashmere sweaters, cardigans or coats at an average price of 150 - 250 €.
Our retailers will buy the biggest part of our collection at 50/75 €.
We create our collection in France and make all our sweaters in the factory of our Partner in Nepal, the country where cashmere was historically born.

When the cashmere is fashion and sold at reasonnable prices, this business is not a niche market.

If you are an agent already involved in middle/high end retailers. If you are motived. And if you accept that we become quickly one of our main brands if not the main, please contact us asap.

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