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COLOP Stempelerzeugung Skopek Gesellschaft m.b.H. & Co. KG


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COLOP launched the first electronic marking device of its kind. The e-mark allows you to create full colour imprints on various absorbing surfaces.


The e-mark ( is a mobile electronic marking device that offers (almost) unlimited creative possibilities for printing, stamping and marking on various absorbent surfaces. With an intuitive sideways movement to the left or right, it is easy to apply individual full-colour imprints to materials such as paper, cardboard, cork, wood or fabric. In the e-mark app or software, you can create new imprints or use one of the countless ready to use templates – whichever you prefer!
Personalise, organise, categorise, edit and rearrange… with just one tool.

The COLOP e-mark has received various design and innovation awards since its official launch. These awards underscore the current unique position of this product innovation, developed in Austria:
e.g. Red Dot Design Award, Honourable Mention.

Target Groups for the e-mark are small to medium companies in various branches like logistics, Arts & Crafts, retail, tourism, medical Services etc. as well as private persons.

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COLOP Stempelerzeugung Skopek Gesellschaft m.b.H. & Co. KG

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