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Woolish 1928


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Woolish is a Nordic knitwear and home textile brand with history and heritage since 1928.
Knits with heritage, made in a novel way!


Due to increase of interest and inquiries in our products from Scandinavian markets we are looking for an agent/agency /distributor for our sustainable and 100% natural knitwear and home accessories to cover Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland.

Woolish is a family owned Nordic knitwear and home textile brand with 4 generations of history and heritage since 1928. 95% of the annual turnover of 400 000€ is made on the home market Estonia.

With establishing the new brand Woolish our aim is to offer basic knits made for persons who are constantly on the move and like to have attention what they are wearing. Since basic doesn’t give the admirers looks we decided to foolish around with wool and give you a practical natural garment with catchy details and sustainable footprint.

Products are produced in Estonia, Viljandi where is our own factory and in Lithuania by our partners using the finest merino wool.

HE´S WOOLISH – knitwear for men
SHE´S WOOLISH – knitwear for women
PLAY WOOLISH – knitwear for children
LIVE WOOLISH – home accessories
WOOLISH ACCESSORIES – hats, scarfs, mittens

• Relevant slow fashion products for targeted customer groups living in countries with contemporary fashion industry trend basics and always interested in sustainable and low-consumption lifestyle.
• Distinguished - personal touch and design. Our target is to make the product like a small journey where you find small interesting new things from time to time. Everyone that buys our product should feel like getting an unexpected gift, you must get more then you expected, both in material ways and in non-material values.
• Credible – with a transparent material and production sourcing we´ll give you (sustainability) a joyful product that actually will make you a better person.
• Emotionally-driven – all the upper meant points will combine an emotional product that is more then just a garment for the user
• Has a long-term outlook to be customer orientated, sustainable, natural, durable.


We want that the brand speaks directly to our clients in a simple international language that the client will understand. Market is very oversaturated, and we want to stand out by using the most natural ways. A lot of brands are emphasising how they use fair work force and organic materials and how they care about the world. I think it should not be the focus, it should be normal that we produce products in the most sustainable way possible.

Consumers want to have this product because:
1. They like it
2. It´s practical, convenient, contemporary, durable
3. It comes with a reasonable price

• What – natural and sustainable up to date slow fashion men’s, women’s, children knitwear. Brands who do good, do well!
• Who is our audience – sustainability will be in nearest future shopping priority #1. Our target group and wider focus will be on customers from years 22 – 38 years. (also known as The Millennials) 75% women. The younger customers we can educate about Woolish philosophy the wider will our client base be.
• Where (PLACE) – we have used different indicators for choosing the desired export markets. We have used the basic geomarketing tool – purchase power. Current market acceptance for independent small designer brands. Historical impacts and traditions of materials used in such countries. Geographical location and climate.
• Value Proposition – we offer our customers 4 generations (90 years) of craftmanship and experience in wool garments productions, an authentic (design) superior quality (materials + producers competence), we care about the footprint that we have stepped in for you – you as a client who bought our product will have to carry this knowledge and we want you to enjoy the product and share the message with others. We produce practical everyday garments that actually last and are durable – not one season items.
• Price – our value-based pricing strategy is in accordance with the materials and production quality that combine with our personal design and touch, meeting the contemporary vision with decades of experience.

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Woolish 1928

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