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We are looking for motivated partners to represent and sell our original and patented multi-spindle and transfer machines


Spada Transfer Technology is a family company, certified, and with more than 60 years experience in the design and manufacture of transfer machines, special machines, and multi-spindle machines.
Our product range includes traditional transfer machines with horizontal and vertical axes, equipped with hopper or bar stock loading systems for machining parts with various piece gripper systems. We offer two machining concepts: fixed part, or rotating part.
We are able of machining any type of material (brass, aluminum, steel, cast iron, alloys, etc.) for components that have an enormous range of applications in industries ranging from automotive, valve and fitting, window and door, medical, home appliance, air conditioning, and many more.
We are a dynamic, qualified, motivated team that enthusiastically faces with dedication the new challenges represented by the development of customized machines for the specific needs of our clients. At the base is a collaborative relationship with our customers who, from the very start of a project, are involved actively in the study of a tailored solution.
Our sales network is present around the world in 15 countries, and we support our American customers from our technical-sales office in Boston.
Our customers can count on full service from the machine development phase through after-sales service, guaranteed per remote diagnosis and with local technicians.
Spada Transfer Technology can address most customers’ requests with a range of products that no other competitor on the market offers.
Our solutions stand out for their precision, efficiency, robustness, reliability, flexibility, modularity, and originality. Our innovative skills have been patented and we have received international recognition. We always serve our clients with quality and punctuality, never losing sight of the economic aspects of the customer’s investment.

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