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Bergstop GmbH


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Innovative and multi-functional product for Outdoor, Camping, Hunting, Fishing, which can be used as a sleeping bag, Jacket or Blanket.


The Bergstop CozyBag is a wearable sleeping bag with arms and a bottom opening, that allows you to sleep comfortably, but also to move around anytime or sit outdoors when it is cool. It offers year-round usability and is the ideal solution for all people that feel constrained in traditional sleeping bags. We also have Liners made in the same principle, which are perfect for huts, tent, hostels or travel. Having multifunctional equipment saves weight and money, and therefore a unique value proposition.

We are a young company that is looking for commercial agents in Scandinavia to show our products to retailers in the Outdoor- and Sporting Goods industry, but we also have a special model suitable for care homes, wheelchair users, which can be targeted to shops in the Rehabilitation-Industry. Please see our website for details on the products and contact us for any questions.

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